Mindfulness Based Living Course (MBLC) in Warsaw.

☝ This Mindfulness Meditation course (MBLC) is offered in English and is an official training accredited by the Mindfulness Association (UK).

🔸 This course was created for beginners and those who wish to go deeper into their meditation practice while getting the best that the Mindfulness method has to offer.

➡ The proven benefits of regular mindfulness practice include:
▪ Stress reduction;
▪ Improved resilience;
▪ Confidence in the face of change;
▪ Lower blood pressure;
▪ Reduced chronic pain;
▪ Improved sleep;
▪ Better emotional understanding; and
▪ More creativity and innovative thinking
▪ Improved well-being

Research shows that regularly practiced Mindfulness Meditation allows people to develop healthier, more compassionate responses to their own experience, as well as to events in their lives and the people around them.

Only a few days left, before the training starts.


Book a free phone consultation, to get more details and find out if this is a good fit for you at this time in your life.



Mindfulness Meditation (MBLC) course, details:


➡ This MBLC Mindfulness training will last 13 weeks (5 weeks more than the usual 8-week course), with face-to-face meetings every 2 weeks. Between workshops, you will be able to contact the facilitator (me) at any time (by text or voice message). In addition to this, you will also have two private online sessions with me.

👉 My aim as a facilitator is that you get plenty of time to integrate Mindfulness practice into your daily life, so that you can sustain this new habit after finishing the course.


The themes, dates for each workshop are as follows:

  • Start Where You Are

  • The Body as a Place to Stay Present

  • Introducing Mindfulness Support 

  • Working through Distraction

  •  Exploring the Undercurrent 

  • Attitude of the Observer

  • Day of Practice, 6h long including lunch time (deeper into meditation) 

  • Self-Acceptance

  • A Mindfulness-Based Life: Integrating new Skills into Daily Life.

MBLC course: Spring 2020


(Sunday) 08.03.20 (11am - 2 pm+ lunch) 

(Sunday) 22.03.20, (11am- 2 pm + lunch)

(Sunday) 05.04.20, (11am- 2 pm + lunch)

(Weekend) 18 - 19 of April, (11am - 2 pm + lunch)

(Weekend) 16th of May (11am- 2pm + lunch) + 17 of May DAY of PRACTICE (11 am - 5pm)

(Sunday) 31. 05.20 (11am - 2 pm + lunch)

(Webinar / zoom / recorded ) 08.06.20 (7 pm - 9:30 pm)


Lunch will take place at Hygge cafe next door, and it's optional. 

There is already a date for the next tester session if you know anyone who may be interested please let them know:

REGISTRATION: Before enrolling in the training, you will be offered a free phone consultation. During this 30-min call, we will discuss your motivation and commitment to developing a regular home practice. Mindfulness does not work without regular practice. Request a call: karo@karo-tashi.com

Once you are admitted to the course, you will receive:

  • 28 hours of group workshop immersion

  • Official workbook (PDF) + MP3 meditation recordings, published by the Mindfulness Association (UK)

To improve your home practice, you will receive additional, tailored support from the workshop facilitator.

  • Two private session with the experienced instructor:

       30 min skype / phone call.

  • During the training, you can contact the facilitator directly on WhatsApp, by sending a question in the form

       of a voice recording or text.

Early Birds: 1.100 zł paid in by 16.02.20

Regular price: 1.250 zł

Payment by instalments is available.