Iwona Ciupinska (Lawer)

I fell in love with the practice with Karo.  I appreciate her full and sincere engagement in what she does. I truly recommend!

Renata Sulek (English Teacher)

Karo Tashi has a difficult task to convince a contemporary society and to make us aware of how much we do not care about ourselves or how much we do care improperly… Karo with full comprehension, fragility and openness is leading you to understand that being „here and now” is, in fact, all we need.

Marta Tronjanowska (Lecturer at UW) 

If you are looking for somebody with big heart, openness, patience, the joy of sharing experience, kindness and, last but not least respect you have to meet Karo Tashi. If you are looking for a simple but powerful method to work with your mind you have to meet her and try to work with her. You deserve the peace of mind.