Why investing in Mindfulness4Buisnsess Trainings ?

                     Happy and motivated people can create immense value for the companies and organisations they work for.

On one hand, the regular practice of Mindfulness Meditation makes people more resilient, enabling them to remain objective in the face of adversity and to respond rather than react when put under pressure.  On the other hand, it also makes us more compassionate towards ourselves and others, thus helping us build trust with our colleagues and other stakeholders.


Mindfulness is as a life skill, which gives us ability to self regulate stress levels. For these reasons, mindfulness is a powerful tool that can help create a more successful and fulfilled workplace.


Regular Mindfulness Meditation practice visibly optimises your mental well-being and boosts your creativity and efficiency, both at work and in your private life. Research has found that regular Mindfulness practice can prevent burnouts, and foster creativity and motivation and more (Kabazin et al. and Narin et al., among others).

At Mindfulness4Buisness we understand the power of the regular practice. Therefore you and your employees will receive the best comprehensive training and personalized support that will equip them to continue strengthening the muscle of Mindfulness in their private and work life.

Who Already Invested

in Mindfulness Trainings ?

Successful global companies like Google, Intel, Target, Apple, Nike and more, are currently investing in the well-being of their employees by providing Mindfulness Meditation training opportunities.

Harvard and some British Universities (including Oxford) have recently opened whole departments dedicated to studying and teaching Mindfulness Meditation. The UK government continues to invest into bring Mindfulness Meditation Training to schools, parliament, and work places and prison. 

And best of all: it gives you an evidence-based excuse to take a break from doing and gently drop into being fully present in the moment!

Try and see if you are able to sit for 10-20 minutes in silence, gently gazing at one point. Observe your thoughts (do not “engage with” or “get involved in” them) and focus on the present moment.


Most likely, after a few seconds thoughts will arise and you will be carried away by them, loosing control over your own inner processes. This is a habitual tendency of the mind to brood over the past or plan for the future, diverting our attention from what is at hand.


In stressful situations, these mental habits can detrimentally affect our well-being and productivity, as thoughts and/or emotions become painful or obsessive to different degrees. Especially so if you don’t have the tools to regain awareness and control over them.


Mindfulness Meditation trainings will provide you with the opportunity to acquire and develop skills to manage your own inner landscape.

Who Needs Mindfulness Training ?

What Is The  Most Efficient Way Of Learning Mindfulness ?

To take part in live training sessions with a qualified teacher who has years of stained meditation practice behind them, of course! We will provide you with the coaching and support you need as you learn the practice of Mindfulness and start applying it in your daily life.


An excellent way to start is the 8-week MBLC (Mindfulness-Based Living Course / the British equivalent to American MBSR training created by Dr. Kabazin. ) accredited by the British Mindfulness Association (Prof. R. Narin), which can take place online or at an agreed venue. Group size for these courses varies, usually ranging from 10 to 15 participants.


The sessions take place weekly and last between 1,5 and 2 hours. During this time, you will learn different Mindfulness techniques in a safe and collaborative environment. The aim of the course is to practice and apply these techniques in all the different kinds of situations we encounter in our daily lives. You will receive personalised feedback and tips from the teacher, as well as benefit from sharing experiences with other participants in the group.

* Only live training can provide you with feedback and tips tailored to your needs. Books or pre-recorded material (no matter how good!) will never do this for you!


* Upon request, we can design training sessions and whole courses to meet your specific needs.


The aim of the Mindfulness4Buisness trainings is to equip participants with Mindfulness tools they can use for the rest of their lives. To increase the training’s efficiency, you will be requested to start meditating a little bit every day while the course lasts, as a way of incorporating this healthy habit into your routine. You will receive a handbook and audio recordings with guided meditations to support you in achieving this, either at home or at your workplace.

After completing the eight-week course, you and your employees will be eligible for accessing further support to sustain a regular practice.